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Security Screws

Security Screws

Sentinel is Australia’s leading wholesaler of Security Fasteners and Architectural Fasteners.

We are distributors of the PROLOK and PROLNX brands of fasteners - including Resytork, Clutch Head, Sentinel, Pentaforce & Kinmar

Please note that due to the extensive range of option we don't stock ANY security screws. When you place an order, we order them from our supplier who will ship them directly to you (usually by express airbag)

Security screws are also know as:

  • Security Fasteners
  • Tamper Proof Screws
  • Anti Vandal fixings
  • One Way Screws
  • Breakaway Fasteners
  • Shear Nuts
  • Square Drive Screws


So if you need security? Anxious to protect your property from  theft & vandalism? Rely on PROLOK Security Fixings that Never Let Go! 

Select from our range of unique security fixings which have been proven to add value and are government specified.

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