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An Australian first product from RADIANT Heating In-Screed & Under-Tile Kits - for the PROFESSIONAL installer, bathroom renovator or builder

These KITS come with 

  • In-Screed or Under-Tile Heating Cable - kits indicate cable in linear metres
  • Digital Touch Screen Thermostat
  • 450mm wide wire mesh
  • Cable ties
  • Cable Alarm
Heat your tiles quickly & efficiently at 200W per sqm - just what is required so your bathroom is warm when you get up in the morning. Can also be installed in-screed in living areas.
This product is also suitable to use under vinyl planks
Each thermostat can cover up to 23sqm - KITS come in sizes up to 100m linear metres select the kit size to cover your 'free floor' area only i.e. do not include area under sink, toilet, vanity etc. and 50mm away from walls in bathrooms 100mm away from walls in living/kitchen areas.
NOTE This product must be commissioned (connected) by a licensed electrical contractor & connected to a Thermostat & an RCD to comply with current AS/NZS 3000 wiring regulations.

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