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An essential part of every tradesman's toolkit, the humble cable tie is both versatile and adaptable. Available in a range of sizes and colours all Tradewarehouse cable ties are manufactured from high-grade UV Stabilised (Black only) Nylon 66 94V-2 which prevents deterioration by sunlight. They are also able to withstand temperatures between -35 to 85 deg C making them suitable for all types of environments both inside and out. 

Tradewarehouse supply the following types of cable ties and accessories: 

Black and Natural Cable Ties

Our black and natural cable ties are available in a range of widths and lengths and are manufactured from top quality Nylon 66 94V-2 (Certificated by UL). This material is both acid and corrosion proof making it suitable for a range of uses and applications including electrical, plumbing, networking and mechanical engineering. 

Sizes range from: 2.5mm up to 12.7mm wide and 100mm up to 1168mm length

Pack size: 100

Coloured Cable Ties

Ideal for applications where it is important to identify specific cable groups, the coloured cable tie is available in four colours; red, yellow, green and blue. They can be supplied as individual colours or as multi-packs and come in a range of sizes. 

Sizes range from: 2.5mm x 100mm up to 4.6mm x 250mm

Pack size: 100 single colour, 850 multi-colour

Releasable Cable Ties

The releasable cable tie is a reusable cable tie which is ideal for applications where the tie is temporary. They contain a releasable catch on the head which allows them to be easily undone once installed enabling them to be reused as required. 

Sizes range from: 7.6mm x 200mm, 250mm or 300mm

Pack size: 100

Mounted Head Cable Ties

The mounted head or eyelet cable tie is fitted with an eyelet which can be used to attach a label or secure the cable tie to the wall or other surfaces. They are particularly useful for electrical applications where labelling is necessary to identify circuits. 

Sizes range from: 3.6mm x 100mm 4.8mm x 300mm & up to 7.6mm x 370mm

Pack size: 100

Cable Tie Mounts

Cable tie mounts are used to mount wires and cables to walls or other structures. Manufactured from the same high-grade Nylon 66 94V-2 as our cable ties these self-adhesive cable tie mounts are easy to install and suitable for all types of applications.

Size: 28mm x 28mm

Pack size: 100

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NYLON Cable Tie Specification

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