Best Wall Niche Ideas For Your Home

Finding innovative storage solutions around your home can take time and effort. Whether you want space to store books, display photographs or just a shelf for your everyday objects, finding shelving and storage solutions that don't stick out and take up too much room can be any renovator's worst nightmare.

However, wall niches are some of the most innovative yet minimalistic uses of space that are perfect for any room in your home. Wall niches have several benefits in rooms like your bathroom due to their waterproof properties and high compressive strength.

To help you understand how to use wall niches in your home, we've compiled this complete guide to all things wall niches to understand how to utilise this innovative storage solution in your home.

What is a wall niche?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it's essential that we first discuss the meaning of a wall niche. A wall niche is a recessed box that nestles into your wall to create a storage space inside your wall. We commonly see wall niches as part of bath and shower necessities as they're great storage solutions that allow renovators to customise their shelving.

However, wall niches from Trade Warehouse can be used anywhere around your home, from your bathroom to your hallway. Wall niches come in many sizes, including standard rectangular boxes and arches shaped for a more decorative look. Wall niches allow you to incorporate a storage solution that seamlessly blends with the rest of your room.

Sometimes, people use wall niches for purely decorative purposes. Still, you can use a wall niche around your home to display items, house important belongings like keys, books, DVDs or CDs, or give your home a more dynamic look.

What are wall niches made from?

Depending on the placement of your niche, the materials that your wall niche will be made from may differ. Wall niches from Trade Warehouse are manufactured using high-density polystyrene core with a black water-resistant sealant, providing a ready-made waterproof substrate.

This makes our wall niches perfect for bathroom applications, as they're guaranteed never to rot or leak. Our wall niches are prefabricated with Thermasheeting. This provides waterproofing and insulating properties due to the layers of Thermasheet construction.

Thermasheet is made from a polystyrene layer, polymerised mortar, fibreglass mesh, and another polymerised mortar layer. Our Thermaniches are ready to tile or plaster so that you can install these niches in mere moments around your house.

Wall niche ideas for your home

Although we highly recommend using a Thermaniche in your bathroom, a wall niche is a perfect base for storage solutions around your home. To help you create great storage solutions with the help of a wall niche, we've compiled this guide to where you can include niches in your home:


Bathrooms are an excellent option for using Thermaniches because of their waterproofing qualities. Bathrooms and wet rooms are constantly exposed to moisture which can rot and damage certain bathroom fixings. Using a Thermaniche is ideal for your storage as this will never become damaged, even in permanent water immersion. Here are some ways you can use a wall niche in your bathroom:

In-shower wall niche

Having to use suction cup shelves to store our shampoo and conditioner bottles can be tiresome after a while. While these are ideal temporary solutions, we also all know the frustration when these fail and cause all your toiletries to come crashing down during a relaxing shower or bath.

A great way to store your toiletries is to use an in-shower wall niche that ensures your products are always within arm's reach! One of the best things that Thermaniches is that they're also insulating, so they'll stop any heat from escaping no matter how deep your wall niche is!

You can choose a curved wall niche for a stylish storage solution or a rectangular niche for ultimate storage space.

Storage niche

Of course, it's not just your shower that needs storage; the rest of your bathroom needs innovative storage solutions that take up less space than standard cupboards or clunky storage units. Consider using a storage niche if you have a small bathroom but still want to maximise your floor space.

You can use a wall niche above your sink to house your skin care, toothbrushes and other personal care necessities, or a wall niche to store your towels to create a hotel-like display!

Bath niche

While using a wall niche above your bath is a great way to maximise space and store your luxury bath products, they're also suitable for decorative purposes.

Why not give your bath a space-like feel and use a rectangular wall niche from Trade Warehouse to display some candles, bath salts and other accessories? Thermaniches come with a tile-ready service, so you can customise a luxury bath wall niche to transform your relaxation space!

Not only will this take your bathroom to the next level of luxury, but this is also a great way to avoid clutter from building up in your cupboards or around your bath.


Living rooms can be some of the most challenging spaces to find storage solutions for. As we spend most of our time in the living room, choosing a permanent storage solution can be a big commitment! If you're struggling to decide between different styles of clunky cabinets for your living room, why not try a wall niche instead? Here's a guide to where you can put a wall niche in your living room!

Decorative arch niche

Just because you're looking for storage solutions doesn't mean that solution needs to look out of place! You can find recessed wall niches that suit your style and give your living room a more three-dimensional look. For example, an arched wall niche is a stylish alternative to floating shelves that can clutter your living space.

With a decorative arch niche, you can give your living room more personality and create a feature wall instead of having a simple blank canvas. Consider using this space to display flowers, books or sentimental items to bring your living room to life!

Stacking niches

If you need a lot of storage space in your living area for items like books, DVDs, CDs or any other items, why not stack your wall niches and create a recessed bookshelf? You can use rectangular wall niches from Trade Warehouse to create a bookshelf that doesn't take up any of your precious floor space!

Final thoughts

If you're on the hunt for great wall niches that transform your home into a stylish yet practical space, look no further than Radiant Wall Niches from Trade Warehouse. We have a comprehensive stock of versatile wall niches that are perfect for any home style.

From your bathroom to your bedroom, niches are the perfect option for saving time and space around your home. If you're concerned about installing bathroom storage solutions that might be more susceptible to rot from water exposure, you should invest in a wall niche.

The Thermasheet qualities ensure that your wall niche stays in perfect shape for much longer than other storage solutions. Not only do we offer a great selection of products, but we also offer competitive pricing! We offer a price match promise that means if you find a lower price for your Thermaniche, we'll match.

Alongside this offer, we provide nationwide delivery to our customers, so no matter where you are, you can get your hands on high-quality Thermaniche that makes construction projects easier!

Shop with us now to find out how to take your storage solutions to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wall niche?

A wall niche is a recessed storage solution that uses the space inside the wall instead of sticking out into a room.

Where can I use a wall niche?

You can use a wall niche as a storage solution in any part of your home. However, we specifically recommend using Thermaniche in your bathroom as it has a tile-ready surface and protects against rot and water damage.

Do wall niches have waterproofing and insulation properties?

Yes! Thermaniches come with a liquid-applied waterproof sealant that protects against rot and leakages from water exposure. Thermaniches are also made from Thermasheet, consisting of multiple polymerised mortar, polystyrene and fibreglass layers that provide excellent environmentally friendly and energy-saving insulation.