Why is Vermin Wire Mesh Useful in Australia?

It's no secret that Australia has its fair share of weird and wonderful pests, and while some may perceive this to be a gimmick of ours, it doesn't make them any less disruptive in our gardens, homes, and animal enclosures.

Whether you're using it to protect your plant pots or keep your aviary birds safe from all the dangers lurking in the shadows, galvanised steel wire mesh is one of the best ways to protect yourself from pests and vermin that could harm your pets or garden. But what is wire mesh, and how does it safeguard everything while out in the elements?

At Trade Warehouse, we believe that the best way to get the most use out of your materials is to understand them, so that's why we've created this comprehensive guide to vermin wire mesh and how it can help you keep your garden, cages and home safe from creepy crawlies!

What is vermin wire mesh?

Before we get into the specifics, it's essential that we first understand what we're referring to when discussing vermin wire mesh. Vermin wire mesh from Trade Warehouse refers to 0.6mm gauge steel mesh that can be placed around any enclosure, garden bed or home to keep your pets and plants in and pests out. Vermin mesh is made from welded steel that is hot-dipped galvanised for maximum protection.

Hot dip galvanising is a process that's designed to strengthen steel and ensure it can withstand exposure to the elements. This involves dipping the welded wire mesh into a hot bath of molten zinc. The galvanising bath is around 450 degrees Celsius and creates a metallurgical reaction. This forms a bonded coating around the steel that provides maximum protection against rain, prolonged sun exposure and internal strain.

We tend to see galvanised products across the DIY industry as manufacturers find innovative ways of protecting against corrosion. You'll often find that most steel products like nails, screws, bolts and nuts will be galvanised to ensure your tools stay strong for longer.

But why would vermin mesh need to be galvanised? This is to do with the location where users commonly place vermin wire mesh. Typically, customers will use vermin wire mesh from Trade Warehouse in their gardens, in their aviaries, in animal enclosures for birds like chickens or exotic pets or in between gaps in their gates for security and stop their pets from escaping and any unwanted visitors, like snakes, from entering their property.

All of these uses involve outdoor locations exposed to the harsh Australian climate. That means this vermin mesh needs to withstand exposure to the hot sun and UV rays, prolonged periods of rain, and anything else the Australian environment wishes to throw at it.

What vermin does galvanised steel wire mesh protect against in Australia?

As we've mentioned, Australia has much to offer regarding pests and exotic animals. While this can be fascinating to study and observe from a distance, Australian pests can wreak havoc in our homes and gardens. 

Pest damage from plants and animals is estimated to cost around $25 billion yearly. This is a significant economic burden and a substantial strain on households. From dead pets and livestock to destroyed gardens, pests can interfere with daily lives, so it's high time you begin using the appropriate fencing to protect your property.


As we move into the summer period, snakes will become a much bigger problem. Although fatal snake bites towards humans remain very low, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be taking protective measures against these pests year round. We often find these uninvited guests in our bathrooms, on our doorstep and in our aviaries and chicken coups, trying to find shelter and food during the summer months.

However, it's important to note that, like other Australian animals, snakes are protected under the Nature Conservation Act. That means using welded wire mesh to deter snakes from entering your home, garden or animal enclosures is the best way to protect yourself, as it's against the law to harm these animals in any way.

Using welded wire mesh to protect your garden beds is a great way to deter their scavenging. Unfortunately, chicken coups and aviaries will attract snakes, but 0.6mm welded wire mesh from Trade Warehouse will ensure that your aviary is protected from these hungry pests.


Mice and rats are a big problem in Australia and pop up across all regions, no matter how built up or barren. Protecting against rodent damage is difficult, as these slippery creatures burrow and dig to find their way into your home or aviaries.

It's imperative to use our 00.6mm galvanised steel mesh, as rodents won't be able to chew through this or fit through the gaps in the gauge. It's well documented that mice cause significant problems to the food supply chain in parts of Australia like New South Wales and Queensland.

These pests routinely strip crops and cause significant damage in grain stores resulting in millions lost in revenue. Not to mention, mice and rats can carry a host of diseases that may spread to your livestock, so it's vital to arm yourself with tools like wire mesh fencing to stop mice and rats from entering your property.

Other uses for vermin wire mesh

Here are some other ways you can use vermin wire mesh in or around your property:

Garden protection

As we've mentioned, pests can cause significant harm to crops and garden beds, so if you're growing vegetables or any leafy greens that might attract mice, rats, rabbits and other rodents, consider using wire mesh. You can place wire mesh around your beds to form a protective perimeter, or for maximum protection, place this underneath and around your raised beds to stop snakes and rats from claiming your fencing.


Do you routinely build small animal enclosures for hamsters, mice or pet rats? Consider using our wire mesh from Trade Warehouse. Our mesh is ideal for projects like these and provides a firm hold and lasting protection resistant to chewing from small furry friends.


Although you can use vermin and pet mesh as a protective perimeter around aviaries, you can also include this mesh as part of your aviary structure. Using vermin mesh as your aviary 'wall' is a great way to protect your birds and provide them with climbing apparatus in their enclosure. Alternatively, we have an outstanding stock of aviary mesh perfect for protecting your birds.

Benefits of using galvanised steel vermin mesh

As we've briefly mentioned, there are so many benefits to using galvanised steel vermin mesh, but let's talk about some of the benefits of these properties in further detail:

It doesn't rust for a very long time

If you regularly use metal products outside, you'll understand how unsightly and annoying rust is. Not only does this make your metal products look bad, but it also reduces strength by reducing mass over time.

One of the key benefits of using galvanised steel products is that molten zinc protects against rust for longer than paint. Galvanised steel products take around 50 years to rust, so you'll be covered for longer!

Corrosion resistant

Exposure to UV rays and moisture can cause certain metals to corrode over time. This weakens structural integrity and will cause certain metal structures to fail. You'll want to avoid this if you want lasting protection against pests. Galvanised steel is corrosion-resistant as it has a protective zinc layer that prevents moisture or oxygen from reaching the steel core. This stops any corrosive reaction and keeps your vermin wire mesh stronger for longer.

Final thoughts

If you're looking for excellent wire mesh perfect for protecting your pets, livestock, gardens and any other part of your home, you should try vermin wire mesh from Trade Warehouse. We have a great collection of wire mesh ranging in sizes from 600mm x 30 m to 1200mm x 30m, perfect for projects of any size! You'll also benefit from our competitive pricing and nationwide delivery. So, if you're looking for effective, protective wire mesh, you can count on us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is galvanised steel?

Galvanised steel is dipped in molten zinc to form a protective layer that stops oxygen and moisture from impacting the steel.

Where can I use vermin wire mesh?

You can use vermin wire mesh in your garden beds, aviaries, chicken coups, security gates and around your gutters.

What are the main vermin species this mesh will protect against?

This wire mesh will protect against the following:

  • rats
  • mice
  • snakes
  • feral cats
  • large spider species
  • wild rabbits