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LINQ RES-Q Rescue Kit + 50m rope & pole

Item Code: RESQKIT

RES-Q Rescue Kit:

The LINQ RES-Q Kit provides a comprehensive rescue solution to assisting workers in the event of a fall. In such an event, the effects of “orthostatic intolerance” commonly known as suspension trauma or hang syndrome can be serious.

The recovery of a fallen conscious or unconscious worker can be carried out by raising or lowering the casualty in a safe, timely manner. In turn, reducing the effort on the rescuer with it’s 4:1 mechanical advantage.

  • RES-Q Kit comes pre-assembled. No hassle with assembly of pulley and rope
  • Static kernmantle rope comes with I.D trace as per AS/NZS 4142 requirement for traceability. Min break load of 35kN providing enhanced strength.
  • Raise and lower casualty makes the RES-Q Kit versatile.
  • Back up braking mechanism comes standard. This can be engaged by the rescuer or setup to brake automatically.
  • Comes with two (2) tie offs to allow for mounting of the RES-Q Kit and to also utilise the braking mechanism as standalone device without being attached to the rescuer.
  • Heavy duty bag c/w shoulder straps and the convenience of a stowage area for the rescue pole.
  • Standard RES-Q kit supplied with 50mtrs of rope.
  • Custom rope lengths available - 80m (RESQKIT-80), 100m (RESQKIT-100) &150m (RESQKIT-150)

LINQ Height Safety and Lifting and Rigging products are created for safety without compromise by using the highest-quality materials engineered for comfort, performance and durability. LINQ far exceeds AS/NZS safety standards for your peace of mind. 

LINQ is a renowned PPE brand respected in Australia and New Zealand for premium quality products certified beyond requirements and sold at affordable prices. When you see LINQ, you are seeing a better product. A bold claim backed up with the testing to prove it.

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Manufacturer Thortz
Type Height Safety
Colour Black
Style Rescue Kits
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