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LINQ ELITE Utility Fall Arrest Rated Sit Harness - ROPE ACCESS HARNESS

Item Code: H602


Comes with Harness Bag: NBHAR

LINQ full body harnesses have been engineered and certified to provide the wearer with maximum safety, comfort and versatility while working at heights.

Each LINQ Harness is designed to ensure the body can tolerate and survive all forces placed on it in the event of a fall. Furthermore, LINQ webbing straps and the fall arrest hardware are ergonomically designed to minimise impact on the human body in the event a fall incident.

LINQ harness webbing has been specifically woven to reduce slippage and ensure maximum buckle grip. Research and development analysed webbing and buckle design including material composition which was integral in achieving unrivalled comfort, safety and zero buckle slippage even during extended wear.

Engineered to minimise incidental harm in the event of a fall, the LINQ range boasts the addition of buckle padding to significantly reduce the risk of injury from harness buckles.

Further protecting the wearer is the ergonomic placement of the chest strap, which is positioned below the breast line and the shoulder strap adjustment buckles. This considered chest strap placement is designed to minimise throat and facial injury in the event of a fall.

Another feature of LINQ harnesses, also designed to reduce the risk of throat and facial injury, is the inclusion of extended belay loops in preference over a frontal chest D ring. LINQ belay loops provide a more balanced weight distribution than the more commonly used frontal chest D ring.

Further wearer protection is provided by the inclusion (as standard equipment) of LINQ’s standing step suspension trauma strap - designed to alleviate and minimise post fall Orthostatic Intolerance (suspension trauma syndrome).

Enhancing the unique combination of harness design features, the LINQ range Complies to AS/NZS1891.1 Standards criteria, and we can prove it with Standards Certification!

Independently audited by third party body SAI Global for AS/NZS 1891.1 for Standards adherence, the LINQ harness range boasts the quality assurance of the prestigious “5 ticks” mark of Certification.

The LINQ safety harness range have a Pebble Weave Webbing designed to provide maximum grip for buckles, eliminating webbing slippage and the need for continual re-adjustment


  • High tenacity UV stabilised webbing, enhances resistance to solvents and UV light degradation.
  • Retro-Reflective edging on padding for improved visibility in low light.
  • Rear Dorsal D attachment point: For attaching a fall-arrest system.
  • Rear 3 bar buckles allow for shorter adjustment when the Dorsal D is utilised.
  • Leg strap quick connect buckles facilitate harness donning with both feet on the ground.
  • Wide AIR COOL kidney waistbelt complete with two side D rings for pole strap attachment, incorporated into a comfortable permanent connection with the frontal leg loops to hold the lower fall arrest front D in place.
  • Tool Loops in-built to kidney belt, rated to 10kg each to facilitate the carrying and organizing of equipment and work tools, perfect for use with LINQ Tool Lanyards.
  • Side Attachment Points for connecting a pole strap (work positioning), suitable for use in double mode.
  • Frontal and Sternal attachment points. For attaching a fall-arrest system, a 2nd frontal fall arrest D is centre located below the top sternal D. Allows secondary rope grab attachment points.
  • Lower Rear Waistbelt attachment point. For attaching a full restraint line or restraint technique lanyard.
  • AIR COOL Comfort padding maximizes air flow which is included for shoulder, kidney, waistbelt and leg straps for unsurpassed comfort throughout the day.
  • Confined Space Rescue Loops


Fall Arrest, Rope Access Work, Confined Space, Positioning Restrain


LINQ Height Safety and Lifting and Rigging products are created for safety without compromise by using the highest-quality materials engineered for comfort, performance and durability. LINQ far exceeds AS/NZS safety standards for your peace of mind. 

LINQ is a renowned PPE brand respected in Australia and New Zealand for premium quality products certified beyond requirements and sold at affordable prices. When you see LINQ, you are seeing a better product. A bold claim backed up with the testing to prove it.

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Item Code H602
Manufacturer Thortz
Type Height Safety
Colour Black
Style Harnesses
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