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Refer A Friend

Here at Trade Warehouse we would like to reward our customers for spreading the word about our website and our products.  In order to do this we have introduced a referral reward scheme so that you can earn free store credit based upon your referrals and how much they spend. Please take 2 minutes to read exactly how you can earn FREE store credit and how you can begin spreading the word to your friends.

How does it work?

You can earn FREE store credit in 2 ways

  1. For every 10 friends who sign-up using the referral link* which you send to them we will give you $30 in credit to use against your next purchase of $50 or more. A maximum limit or 30 friends / $90 credit applies.
  2. When your referrals start placing orders and the total spend of all your referrals exceeds $1,000 we will give you 5% of everything which your referrals spend in credit for you to use against your own purchases.  There are no limits to the amount of credit  you can earn based upon your referrals spend, it is literally unlimited.


You send a referral link to 30 friends and 20 of these friends sign-up for a Trade Warehouse account.  You earn a total of $60 in store credit to spend at Trade Warehouse

Of the 20 friends who sign-up, 10 of these start to order from Trade Warehouse on a regular basis.  For the purpose of this example, lets say they each place an average of one order per month of $150 each order.
After the first month your referrals will have spent a total of $1,500 and you will receive $75 in store credit.  As the months go by and your referrals keep ordering, you would have earned the following amounts in store credit.

Time Accumulated Spend Store Credit Earned
1 Month $1,500 $75
2 Months $3,000 $150
3 months $4,500 $225
4 months $6,000 $300
5 months $7,500 $375
6 months $9,000 $450
12 months $18,000 $900
24 months $36,000 $1,800

As you can see, once you have referrals who purchase from our website on a regular basis, you can earn FREE credit to use at our website without having to do a thing.


How do you get started?

You can send your specific referral link to your family, friends and colleagues in one of two ways

1) Click the link below, complete the form and click submit.  Note, you can only send to one email at a time using this method

2) Click on My Account, log in (if you are not already logged in), click Referred Friends from the links on the right hand side and then copy the link and then you can send this to your contacts in a variety of ways, such as.

  • Email it to multiple friends at once using your regular email application
  • Post the link on Facebook
  • Send a Tweet to all your followers with the link
You can review how many referrals you have, how much your referrals have spent and how much FREE store credit  you have earned, by clicking the Referred Friends link in My Account


Important Points to Note

  • Referals will only count as YOUR referrals if they sign up after clicking on the link which you have provided them.  If they simply sign up at the website, we have no way of tracking that they are your referral and we cannot associate them back to your account afterwards.
  • Store credit can only be used for online orders and cannot be used in store at our Trade Desks.
  • Store credit cannot be used on items which cannot be ordered online.