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MEDIQ Emergency Eyewash Station Cabinet + 2 x 500ml bottles

Item Code: EWSEP

Prochoice® MEDIQ Eyewash Saline Solution: MEDIQ Saline eyewash is made by blow-fill-seal technology which features a tamper-resistant cap to ensure quality and
safety of the eye wash solution and can be easily removed in an emergency.  Bottle material is a medical class plastic and is sterilised by Radiation.

  • Easily wall mounted in proximity to the workplace Visible and ready for use
  • Ensures quick and efficient eye irrigation
  • Recommend wash time: 500 ml: 5 min
  • MEDIQ Saline eyewash contains a 0.9% sodium chloride solution that corresponds to the natural salt content of the eye fluid.
  • This isotonic solution is suitable for rinsing the eyes as a first aid measure after an accident
  • Effective eyewash for removal of dust, dirt, and contamination in the eyes
  • Easily manageable bottles
  • User-friendly design allows bottles to be quickly opened with a single hand
  • Disposable bottles; do not reuse
  • CE-labelled bottles, products with 5-year expiry date


Apply to rinse eyes of foreign debris, or minor wounds on the skin. Smoothly twist the lid in either direction to break the seal and remove the lid. Position the bottle above the eye and gently squeeze so that the fluid flows freely across the eyeball to the outer corner.
Cleanse the eye(s) with as much solution as required.

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Item Code EWSEP
Manufacturer Mediq
Type Hygiene
Style Eyewash
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