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Professional In-Screed or In-Slab Cable 10m 1sqm - 200W (200W per SQM) (1.1-1.5sqm free-floor)

Item Code: IS200
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An Australian first product from RADIANT Australia

These cables can be installed In-Screed OR In-Slab - for the PROFESSIONAL installer, bathroom renovator or builder

Professional floor heating CABLE: The perfect solution for heating your bathroom or living area floors, quickly & efficiently at 200W per sqm

In-Screed: cable installed and then covered with screed. The 7mm cables are fully hidden away in the screed meaning that the tiler has a flat freshly screeded surface to work on.

In-Slab: cable tied to rebar using 200 centres (if 300 centre use the DV30 SL cables)

This is a professional 'cable only', which comes loose on a drum.  A thermostat is required to control the floor-heating and can be purchased separately, we recommend the TS8100W in vertical or horizontal or the premium GTS range in vertical or horizontal 

This is an popular solution for experienced fitters or when the area is an awkward shape.

Calculate your 'free floor' area only i.e. do not include area under sink, toilet, vanity etc. and 50mm away from walls in bathrooms 100mm away from walls in living/kitchen areas.
NOTE This product must be commissioned (connected) by a licensed electrical contractor & connected to a Thermostat & an RCD to comply with current AS/NZS 3000 wiring regulations.
10 year warranty on cable (subject to warranty registration)

Cable cannot be cut - purchase the correct cable length - see table below

Linear M Typical Floor Coverage - 'free floor' area only

  • 10m: 0.9 - 1.1m2
  • 12m: 1.2 - 1.4m2
  • 15m: 1.5 - 1.9m2
  • 20m: 2.0 - 2.4m2
  • 25m: 2.5 - 2.9m2
  • 30m: 3.0 - 3.5m2
  • 35m: 3.5 - 3.9m2
  • 40m: 4.0 - 4.5m2
  • 45m: 4.5 - 4.9m2
  • 50m: 5.0 - 5.9m2
  • 60m: 6.0 - 6.9m2
  • 70m: 7.0 - 7.9m2
  • 80m: 8.0 - 9.9m2
  • 100m: 10 - 11.9m2
More Information
Item Code IS200
Manufacturer Radiant Australia
Type In-Screed
Format Cable Only
Watts Per Sqm 200 W/sqm (for Bathrooms)
Coverage 1.1-1.5sqm
Cable Length 10
Electrical Requirements 200W / 0.9A
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