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Want to Replace Your Old Towel Rails? Buy an Electric Heated Rail Online in Australia

Want to Replace Your Old Towel Rails? Buy an Electric Heated Rail Online in Australia

The bathroom is one of the spaces in your home which should always be a cosy and relaxing place. We spend hours in these rooms each week and often treat them as a private oasis when time permits. Enjoying a hot shower after a tiring day of work is certainly a pleasure - so is drying yourself off with a warm and fluffy towel. Unfortunately, the latter is something of a rarity unless you've just pulled a towel from the dryer. With one simple change to your bathroom, though, it can become something you're able to enjoy every single day.

An electric heated towel rail is the perfect bathroom addition when you want to add a touch of luxury to the space. Whether you're remodelling your old bathroom or simply looking to upgrade your current setup, heated towel rails are an excellent solution. At Trade Warehouse, we provide a convenient online source for heated rails to install in your home. Designed and created by Radiant Heating, these products are ideal for bringing the feeling of an upscale hotel to your home. Among heated towel rails in Australia, their "built to last" durability, quality, and elegant design make them a superb choice.

Why make the switch to heated towel rails?

When you visit Trade Warehouse to buy heated towel rails online, step one is to determine the style you'd like to add to your bathroom. Whether you choose the modern, minimalist design of a set of single rails or the more classic square bar rail, the high quality remains the same. All the electric rails sold through our site are made of 100% 304-grade stainless steel and are IP55 rated. In other words, they're well suited to stand up to the moist environment of your bathroom all year round.

Providing you with a warm towel to dry off with isn't all you can use these items for, either. You can also easily use the electric heating to ensure your towels don't remain damp for hours. This is especially useful in the winter — no one wants to reach for their towel only to discover it's cold and damp from a previous use! For convenience, comfort, and even aesthetics, a heated towel rail is the perfect addition to any bathroom around Australia.

Shop for all you need via Trade Warehouse now

Purchasing heated towel rails online through our website is fast and easy. Just browse the site for the style you'd like to purchase and arrange for shipment during payment. Trade Warehouse works hard to ensure a rapid turnaround time to dispatch all in-stock items once ordered quickly. For full information on delivery, please be sure to check out our delivery details page. Are you ready to transform your bathroom into a destination for luxuriating with electric heating for your towels? Choose your favourite style and place your order today. Have questions about Trade Warehouse or the products we sell? Please call us on 1800 302 511 for prompt and friendly service.