What is Pet Mesh and What are the Options?

Many people are familiar with insect screens that seal windows and doors to keep our home and work environments free from bothersome pests. Unfortunately, many households are all too familiar with the hassle that comes with bug screens and pets.

If you’re a pet owner and you want to install mesh to windows, doors and other entrances, pet mesh is the dream solution. Pet mesh is manufactured to protect damage occurring to insect screens from cats, dogs and other animals.

As well as keeping insects out and pets in, mesh screens are available in various designs depending on what exactly it is you want to do. From pet-proofing windows and housing birds to horticultural and agricultural purposes, there’s a mesh option to get the job done.

Here is everything you need to know about pet mesh and other mesh solutions for keeping animal-occupied environments safe and secure.

What is Pet Mesh?

Pet mesh is a strong type of netting used for screening doors and windows to keep insects out and to keep pets in. Usually made from a heavy woven polyester and coated with PVC, it is designed to be resistant to tears and fraying caused by paws and claws.

Pet mesh is primarily used for damage control, and is far stronger than regular insect screens. It is usually bought in pre-packaged rolls or sold by the meter for convenience. You’ll often only need a small amount to cover a window or door frame. It’s a great answer to pest control that you can do yourself, without having to call in a professional.

What are the Options?

When it comes to pet mesh, there are various types to buy depending on the kind of result you’re after. Standard pet mesh is ideal for domestic animals like cats and dogs. It is manufactured from extra strong PVC coated polyester, allowing protection from both pets and small children.  It is also available in a strong aluminium mesh which may be required if you are in a bush fire risk area.

Pet mesh is the resolution for pet-proofing entrances and exits, but if you’re having issues with other wildlife, there are other variations of mesh available on the market. From vermin and snake mesh to birdcages and fencing, there’s lots of choices purposefully designed to meet the required needs.

If it’s a DIY venture, you’ll need to consider the length and width needed to fit your door and window frames. There’s also multiple strengths and a selection of materials on offer to suit the desired outcome.

Vermin Mesh

Whilst not strictly pet mesh in the traditional sense, you may also want to protect your pets from dangerous animals and vermin.  Vermin mesh is a type of anti-vermin screening used as a barrier to keep rodents and other small animals from visiting places they shouldn’t. Vermin protective mesh is also used as snake mesh to keep snakes from entering gardens and other access points.

Vermin mesh is used by pest control professionals, but it can also be purchased for domestic use. Vermin can carry diseases, so it’s important to prohibit access to certain areas, particularly in the home and workplace.

This type of mesh has small holes to stop rats, mice and other small rodents from crawling through. The wires are crafted from galvanised steel which also prevent rodents from nibbling through the wire. Rats in particular are exceptionally good at chewing through wire and other materials, so it’s important to install the appropriate mesh type.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is the mesh of choice for protecting and securing enclosures. It is often used to keep animals and livestock safe from external harm, or to fence off outdoor spaces to deter intruders.

Wire mesh is especially secure. It is generally made from metal with welded and woven options available. Carbon steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel are among the most popular materials used to create this particular mesh. These sturdy resources help to keep the mesh maintained and in shape for years at a time.

Chicken Mesh

It is not unusal for people to keep backyard 'chooks' as pets, however they need to be enclosed to protect them from predators and also to stop them getting away.

Chicken mesh is a type of bird netting used for a range of purposes like caging, fencing and for securing chicken and poultry enclosures.

Chicken wire mesh is commonly used for constructing a simple fence. It not only keeps the birds inside, but keeps wild animals on the outside from breaking in and causing threat.

While chicken mesh offers good protection from larger animals, it will not protect from rodents which can chew their way in.

Aviary Mesh

Aviary mesh or aviary netting is a mesh used for bird enclosures. This type is developed to keep large and small birds safe from external danger while still ensuring a good level of sunlight and fresh air.

Aviary mesh is highly durable and built to survive all weather conditions. While some aviaries are indoors, most are found outdoors for quality ventilation purposes. For this reason, there are several strengths on offer to accommodate the various elements, from hot and cold temperatures to strong winds and rain.

Stainless steel is a good choice for bird mesh in aviaries as it is corrosion-resistant while remaining harm-free to birds should they chew it. Some materials such as PVC coated wire mesh can be harmful, as birds can peck through the wire and detach it.

Summing Up

If you’ve decided that it’s time to ward off mosquitos and other flying insects with animal-resistant screens, pet mesh is your best course of action. You’ll no longer need to regularly replace damaged fly screens because of paws, claws and little hands.

Pet mesh allows you to open your home to ventilation through doors and windows without worrying about pests and the nuisance they cause.

Alternatively, if pet mesh is not the answer and it’s another meshing solution you need, there are plenty of useful supplies to do the job. Whether you’re tackling vermin problems or building a beautiful birdcage, be sure to shop for the safest and the most secure mesh type.


What is the purpose of pet mesh?

The purpose of pet mesh is to allow fresh air to circulate while keeping bugs outside and pets safely inside. Pet mesh is resistant to damage caused by cats, dogs and other kinds of animals.

How strong is pet mesh?

Pet mesh is a super strong netting solution made from a heavy woven polyester. It is said to be up to seven times stronger than the mesh of the average flyscreen. 

Is pet mesh difficult to install?

Pet mesh can be professionally installed by pest control companies or fitted at home yourself. It is not too difficult, as pet mesh is durable and flexible for ease of application.