How to Select and Install Deck Screws: 4 Types and Prices

An outdoor deck can turn your home into something special. Lazy summer days and sublime summer nights feel luxurious when your outdoor space has a deck area. Coupled with a margarita or two, you will be relaxed and energised for the day ahead!

If creating a deck in your garden is your next project, you will need quality decking screws to secure your timber joists. Each specifically designed decking screw offers expert installation and an effortless job to build a deck area with ease.

But, what is the best way to select and install deck screws? Read on to discover what type of deck screws you need to purchase with your hard-earned dollars!

What Are Deck Screws?

Deck screws are created specifically for decks and have a threaded fastener design. Deck screws come complete with a head, a shank, and a tip, and secure your deck for a professional finish. A recess is designed into the deck screw to make sure that your tools fit perfectly.

Are Deck Screws the Same as Wood Screws?

Deck screws are not the same as wood screws! It is vital to use the correct equipment and tools when installing your deck so be sure to purchase specially made deck screws. 

Deck screws and wood screws do share some similarities as they are both used in woodwork projects. You can also purchase deck screws and wood screws in different materials carbon steel and stainless steel. Choosing one of these materials for your deck screws adds a corrosion resistance property that heightens the quality of the finish.

They do look similar to the untrained eye, although a wood screw usually only has a partially threaded shank. This offers only a partially secure join into the wood. There are, of course, some exceptions to this but generally, a wood screw is less secure. Deck screws tend to possess deep threading, also.

A deck screw will typical encompass a fully threaded shank. Ridges across the exterior pass from the tip of the screw to its head. 

How Do I Select the Best Gauge?

When you buy deck screws, you will see a measurement labelled the gauge. This is simply the diameter of the screw, with a gauge of between 8 to 10 being the perfect size for a deck screw.

But, how big is the standard gauge size for a deck screw? An 8 gauge screw will typically measure 4mm in diameter and is the perfect sized deck screw to select.

The are many benefits to selecting a bigger gauge as it works correctly on your deck panels. Additionally, a wider diameter may suit the style that you are aiming for across your deck area.

What Length Deck Screw Should I Select?

The length of the deck screw that you will need should be around twice the size of the deck panel thickness. You must measure the length of your deck screw fully, as a short deck screw will not secure the decking boards.

How Do I Select the Best Deck Screws Type and Price?

The best deck screws for your outdoor space depend upon the decking itself. How thick is each plank? What look are you aiming for?

Here are the main types of deck screws that you can consider for your home.

1.  Coated Deck Screw

The usual type of deck screw to fasten joists and deck boards together is the coated deck screw. Offering an 8 gauge 50mm size, this type of deck screw is the go-to material that many people would opt for. 

A great choice is a Type 17 EM Coated Trim Head deck screw, priced at $44.00 for a tub of 500 screws. This type of deck screw will ensure your deck boards are safe and secure and are not going anywhere.

2.  Stainless Steel Screw

If you prefer a stainless steel material, the Type 17 316 Stainless Steel deck screw with 8 gauge and 50mm is a good option to select. Available in a box of 1,000 screws, this deck screw option reaches a price tag of £177.35. It is a great choice for a square head deck screw.

Secure your screws for deck panels with anti-corrosive properties, ensuring that your decking screws never rust or wear away. Stainless decking screws are the best choice for installation close to saltwater pools or the coast.

3.  Galvanised Screw

A galvanised deck screw is the best option to select for pine decks that have been pressure treated. Although being a cheaper option with less corrosive protection than stainless steel, galvanised screws are a popular choice.

Priced at £93.45, you can purchase a 1,000 screw box for great value! Type 17 Galvanised 10 gauge 40mm deck screws are class 3 galvanised.

4.  Self-Drilling Screw

If you like the convenience of a self-drilling screw, then look no further than the 410 Stainless Steel Countersunk deck screw. Providing 10 gauge and 50mm, you will receive a box of 1,000 screws for $207.00

The self-drilling screw will drive itself through the timber and gently minimise the chance of timber splitting. When fitting a deck area around a saltwater pool or close to the coast, however, opt for the stainless steel self-drilling screw.

Although expensive, the Self-Drilling Wing-Tip Bi-Metal deck screw is a great choice, made from stainless steel and a 10 gauge, 45mm size. You can purchase a box of 1,000 screws for $979.25. 

How Do I Install Deck Screws?

Deck screw installation requires pre-drilling close to the very end of the deck boards. Pre-drilling relieves the deck boards of some pressure, reducing the chance that a split will occur in the timber. You could try a deck overhang, however, to reduce the need for pre-drilling.

When installing your deck screws, screw into the centre of the joist for maximum security and a nice, tidy finish. Aim for a 25mm space in between each screw to stop overcrowding and create a clean-looking pattern.

Select and Install the Best Deck Screw!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to select and install deck screws in your deck area.

What space should be left when installing deck screws? 

A space of 25mm is recommended between each deck screw to create an even look and a secure deck with no loose areas.

What type of deck screw do I need for my deck area?

You need a deck screw with an 8 to 10 gauge and a length that is double the thickness of your deck board. The material itself is down to your preference, although stainless steel deck screws are best to repel corrosion.

Can I use any screw to secure my deck area?

No, you need specially made deck screws that offer a fully threaded shank, a wide enough gauge, and a long enough length. Using the wrong screw can mean that the deck becomes loose fast, damaging your deck boards. Ask the professionals for builder advice today at Trade Warehouse!