How to Install a Bathroom Niche in 5 Steps

Do you tire of clutter spoiling the look of your bathroom? A bathroom wall niche could be the answer you are looking for, helping keep your shampoo bottles stored away tidily. 

But, how would you install a niche in the wall of your bathroom? Find out how to install your wall niche in 5 easy steps!

What Is a Wall Niche?

A wall niche is a smart solution to your storage worries, providing a stylish box inside one of your walls. You can customise a wall niche any way you like, varying the length and height to meet the dimensions of your room. 

You could install a niche in wall space to create an effortless storage solution. Or, you could install wall niches as a decorative feature of your room. They look great and can be truly ornamental!

Is a Wall Niche a Shelf?

A wall niche is a modern variety of shelving that is embedded into the wall. This creates a stylish look and saves you space when compared with a mounted shelf.

Some people install wall niches as a decorative feature in their home, however, as part of their home furnishing design.

Which Rooms Benefit From Wall Niches?

The most popular space to install a wall niche is the bathroom! Read on to discover the best places to create a niche wall.


Building a niche wall storage solution in your shower area provides the perfect location to store your array of bath and shower necessities. The external wet areas exposed will provide a safe surface from slipping.

Choosing a bathroom niche is very on-trend and popular. This niche wall space is fast becoming a sought-after must-have for new bathroom installations!

You could also install a wall niche in other areas of the bathroom, storing a mirror and creating an area to apply make-up.


Hallways benefit from a wall niche to save space and to keep your belongings where you need them. Store your keys and wallets in the niche wall space close to the door! A compartmented wall niche will provide small cubby holes for a dedicated space for each item.

Living Rooms

Niche wall spaces in a living room have the potential to be the focal point of the whole room. Incorporate the wall niche into your design to create a multi-dimensional effect. 

Store your books or ornaments if you wish, or fit a photo or painting inside of the niche wall. This will provide a special effect and add a unique feature to your home.

How Deep Should Wall Niches Be?

A niche in wall spaces usually measures 90mm in depth. This is the typical depth that can work with the thickness of the wall. 

Of course, there are custom varies of wall niche depth, particularly if you are building your own home. Although, purchasing a 90mm deep wall niche is a typical size but you can also purchase a 70mm deep wall niche.

What Size Wall Niche Is Best?

The best wall niches suit the wall that it is installed in. For example, one small wall niche in a huge wall may not benefit the room as a whole. Likewise, an enormous wall niche that takes up the whole of the wall will not create a stylish, useable room either.

Choose a niche that fits your wall perfectly, that is central to the room or that uses symmetry when using two wall niches. Make sure the niche is high enough that you can easily use it if need be, but not too high. Get in touch with the experts at Trade Warehouse and ask for wall niche advice today!

How Can I Install a Bathroom Niche?

Follow these 5 simple steps to install a niche in your bathroom shower wall.

1.  Choose Your Niche

Before installation can occur, you need to choose the shower niche that you want. What size and what style shower niche would be best for your bathroom? You need to decide on exactly the position to create your recessed niche.

If your shower wall is tiled and grouted, try to measure for your niche in between the lines of the grout. This provides a nice, clean line and reduces the chance of cracks occurring in the tiles.

If one of your tiles measures 100mm x 100mm, choose a niche size that fits exactly inside of your tiles. Therefore, a niche measuring 300mm in width by 500mm in height would be perfect.

Try to choose a niche that is extremely lightweight and perfect for permanent water immersion.

Now choose the style of niche that would look great in your shower. What colour and shape do you want? Perhaps you could choose a niche with a trendy pattern inside? Or compartments to create even more space!

2.  Niche Materials

Once you know the size, colour, and style of your wall niche, what material will you choose? Typically, shower wall niches are made from either plastic or steel, offering a waterproof effect that is a must-have in a shower! Such waterproofing and insulation properties make these materials the definitive choice.

However, there are some custom versions out there made from unique materials such as proprietary tile base material.

3.  Preparation

As with all tasks, preparation is key! A prime factor to note is to make sure you do not intend to install a wall niche on the wall where the shower is installed. You need to choose a wall with no obvious plumbing locators that also offer easy access.

Measure the opening that you have decided provides the perfect space for a niche in wall surfaces. Then, use a grout saw and gently cut away the tiles that will need removing. A fine saw and a sharp Stanley knife may also provide useful here.

Do this slowly to prevent cracks from appearing. Remove each tile one by one, using a chisel to pull away subsequent tiles.

4.  Blocking

Once the tiles have been removed, you need to install blocking made from lumber. Install the blocking where the niche will need to be attached, providing a surface to screw the niche into.

5.  Installation

Install your shower niche using the manufacturer’s instructions and screwing into the blocking. Use silicone to fully waterproof the edges of the recessed wall niche. You may need to fill in areas with a ready-made waterproof substrate or tile adhesive, along with a liquid applied waterproof sealant.

Trade Warehouse Makes Construction Projects Easier!

Trade Warehouse has the materials and tools you need to create a tile-ready surface for your wet rooms and storage for shower necessities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What frequently asked questions should you be asking about shower niches in your bathroom?

Can I install a wall niche outside?

It could be possible to install a wall niche outside, depending on the external walls. You could create professional garden water features to make your outside space the envy of the neighbourhood!

Can I install a bathroom wall niche during a renovation? 

Installing a wall niche during a bathroom renovation is the best time to do it! You can create a recessive wall niche that you want, using decorative plaster for an ideal surface. Your builder will provide a tile-ready service complete with a wall niche, making projects easier!

Is it practical to install a wall niche into a shower?

How many times have you had nowhere to put your shower gel, only to put the bottle on the floor and then stand on it? Installing a wall niche into your shower area provides the perfect storage space, resulting in fewer accidents occurring from slipping and tripping in the shower.