How much does it cost to replace a fly screen?

Are you losing confidence with your fly-screens or want the latest design and the benefits that they come with? Perhaps you’ve woken up with a bite or two and no longer trust your flyscreen to keep out the unwanted creepy-crawlies. Whatever the reason, how much does a new fly-screen cost and is it worth every cent?

Choice Dictates Cost

It’s important to note that costs will vary based on type of fly-screen and mesh, the size of the window, door or fixture and who carries out the installation. Despite these variances, this article will give an indication on what any potential fly-screen customer can expect with regards to cost, whilst helping you gauge a plan on the perfect mesh investment for your property.

Begin by deciding on the design of fly-screen. Understand the options available and let your imagination run wild. Picture how you spend your warm evenings and appreciate how each type of fly-screen would impact your life, add or remove comfort, best protect against unwanted flying guests and so on. Once you know what it is you need, you can gather a more accurate estimated cost.

See brief descriptions on types of flyscreen below:

  • Fixed Flyscreens: This screen is typically attached to a window frame as they cannot be opened or adjusted.
  • Hinged Flyscreens: This flyscreen can be opened and closed much like a shutter.
  • Sliding Flyscreens: Typically a sliding window or door, this flyscreen is often used on a patio door or a window maximising airflow into the home whilst keeping insects at bay.
  • Retractable Flyscreens: This flyscreen allows you to retract it when it is no longer required. Retractable designs give flexibility to the owner to use as and when required.
  • Security Screens & Doors: Some security screens and doors have mesh small enough to prevent insect entry but are also designed to withstand external efforts to break through and into the property.

When choosing your flyscreen and realising the financial impact that ensues, it’s vital to understand what your money is buying you. The main element to consider is the mesh. Do not fall into the trap of replacing your old flyscreens with exact replicas. The options available are ever-expanding and can transform the way your home looks, or blend in until you forget they’re even there. The mesh is primarily to keep out insects and can vary steeply in cost. The cheapest and most common is your standard polyester which gets the job done without impairing visibility, airflow and light. For an equally budget-saving option that adds extra durability, look no further than the fibreglass mesh. Do not add this cheaper option to your shopping list however, without realising that it is not suitable for bushfires. Now, the prices begin to rise, and we’ll be more specific very shortly, when you consider the aluminium or stainless steel mesh. With the higher price comes a superior visibility, fire resistance and reliable durability. If you’re spending a lot of time enjoying a view through your French windows or doors, then this may be a luxury well-worth investing in.

Your Flyscreen Investment

Let's talk numbers. Again, emphasising that prices will vary to replace the mesh in your existing flyscreens, you should expect to pay the following for a full supply and install service (prices will vary depending on choice of mesh).

  • Single, standard sized window: Approx $140
  • Five, standard sized windows: Approx $300
  • Ten, standard sized windows: Approx $510

For those who wish to replace their entire flyscreen, including the framework, this will drive up the cost.

If you are after sliding windows or doors, a couple of example prices for a full supply and install service (prices will vary depending on choice of mesh.)

  • 1200mm x 2100mm mesh and latch sliding door: Approx $320
  • 840mm x 2400mm hinged door: Approx $350 and above.

DIY Option

The above prices are all applicable if you decide to get a full supply and install service.  You can however opt for a DIY service.  If your frames are in good condition and its only the mesh which needs replacing, you can purchase full rolls of wire mesh and perform the installation yourself.  Check out our article on how to install flyscreen mesh.  DIY installation is a much cheaper option, and there are only a few tools required, most of which you will probably already have.

As you will see from some of the products below, the cost of buying a full roll of standard flyscreen, aluminium flyscreen, sandfly & tiny insect micromesh or pool and patio mesh is a cheap solution for replacing your flyscreens in your windows, doors and patio enclosures.