Bathroom Accessories Buying Guide

Accessories can make the difference between a house and a home. While focusing on the big stuff is necessary, it’s the finishing touches that will transform a bathroom into a place of sanctuary.

In Australia and worldwide, bathroom accessories range from practical to aesthetically pleasing, or both. From picking out bathroom mirrors and plants to selecting the best fixtures, there are a range of items available in classic and contemporary styles, for your personal needs.

If it’s time to switch up your bathroom decor, look no further than this article. You might have thought about the bathroom suite, but the trick to enhancing your bathroom splendour lies in the details. For your convenience, we’ve covered the top bathroom accessories to create your favourite room in the house to spend time in.


Storage is a functionality that allows you to keep your bathroom tidy. Storage solutions can look great too, especially if you purchase a piece of furniture like a vanity unit or chest of drawers. 

Putting up bathroom shelves and mirrored cabinets are a stylish way to accessorise. It also makes room for other accessories, such as a bathroom tray, tissue paper box, towels, and toilet paper. Don’t forget to check out vanity cabinet handles. This is yet another accessory that serves as a thoughtful detail.


Bathroom fixtures and fittings sound less exciting, but they are additions that not only add the finishing touches, but offer another opportunity to get creative. 

Door hooks come in a range of classic and contemporary styles, and are a bonus feature for getting the most out of your bathroom. Hang robes, towels and clothes, instead of creating messy heaps on the floor or basin.

Towel Rails

Towel rails are the trusty invention for storing, drying, and organising towels. Without one, our towels end up draped over radiators, doors or banisters in a messy fashion. 

Heated towel rails get the job done fast, while delivering an extra heat source to the bathroom. They tend to be cost-effective and are eco-friendly compared to drying towels in a dryer. If you’ve got a space to fill, consider a free standing towel rail.


Towel shopping can be great fun. There’s nothing nicer than a fluffy new towel. Before you jump in and purchase, make sure your new towels meet a set criteria. The quality of towels is important. Shop for towels that are not only attractive, but are durable and absorbent. 

Check out the label for information on how to launder your towels to keep them in their best condition. If you want to remain environmentally conscious, look for natural materials like organic cotton, or natural bamboo fibers.

Bath Mat

Bath mats not only look homely, but they prevent you from slipping after showering or bathing. A good quality bath mat will soak up excess water and dry quickly, preventing the growth of bacteria. It’s a sanitary accessory designed for everyday use that every bathroom should have.

Cotton is typically the best material choice for a bath mat because of its absorbency qualities. It’s soft on your feet too!

Bathroom Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror. It’s practical for everyday activities like flossing, shaving, and applying makeup. A mirror will also work magic in your bathroom, essentially serving as an optical illusion to bring light and space. The reflections can transform the appearance of a small room into a much bigger place. 

There’s no doubt that mirrors are a go-to for bathroom styling. Contemporary styles such as LED mirrors are a superior accessory to a modern bathroom. Alternatively, go traditional with circular or vintage-inspired mirrors. 

Bathroom Taps

Taps can be a wonderful addition to a bathroom, from basin mixers to freestanding bath taps. Taps are certainly a bathroom requirement, but they’re a great styling piece if you take a look at what’s on the market. 

There are countless options to shop, including chrome, brass, and marble bathroom accessories. Gold bathroom accessories are classic, but if black bathroom accessories are your thing, check out matte black taps.

Toilet Accessories

You might not have given the surrounding area of the toilet much thought, but there are accessories you can include to make it look a little nicer. For instance, a toilet brush and toilet brush holder immediately adds style if you shop for modern, sleek designs.

A toilet roll holder and dispenser stores toilet paper in a secure fitting. It’s probably the last thing on your mind, but these smaller accessories just add a little extra. Toilet paper holders are a hygienic solution for storing toilet paper, preventing cross contamination with other surfaces, or sharing between hands.

Soap Dishes and Soap Dispensers

Soap dishes are the solution to keeping your bar of soap in one place. It won’t go missing, slide around the basin or leave soap scum marks. Many manufacturers create dishes that prevent puddles from forming too.

With a range of soap dishes to shop, find one that brings character to your home. Find them in ceramic and steel, handcrafted from wood, and in pretty shapes such as leaves, flowers and hearts.

Alternatively, if you want to move away from bars of soap, a soap dispenser holds liquid. For modern rooms, a soap dispenser is often the smarter way to store soap. Simply fill it up, and refill as needed.

Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holders ensure your toothbrush stands up tall for maximum drying potential. Drying quickly between uses helps to prevent bacteria from multiplying. A holder is the ideal solution if you have nowhere suitable to store your toothbrush.

Alternatively, a tumbler can be used to store toothbrushes in an upright position. Tumblers are available in a range of materials including glass, bamboo, and clay. There are all kinds of modern designs available for that extra home detail. That said, it’s best to choose something that’s easy to keep clean. 

Bamboo bathroom accessories require little maintenance, clean up well, and have a lovely natural look.

Bathroom Tiles

Tiles are a guaranteed way to spruce up your bathroom space. From floor, to wall and shower tiles, there are so many styles to choose from. With bathrooms, it’s important to go for something water resistant, slip resistant and a good match for the type of bathroom you have.


Installing light fittings isn’t as straightforward as bringing home a new soap dish. You should only purchase lighting that is regulated for safe use in bathroom settings and wet, humid environments. 

Bathroom lighting must be installed by a licensed electrician to ensure maximum safety and ensure that they are legal.

Matching Accessories

Many of the bathroom decor accessories discussed in this article are available to match. Look out for bathroom accessory sets which are a great way to ensure your accessories coordinate. Choose a collection of pieces that complement your decor, and suit your personal taste. You could even stick to all pink bathroom accessories if it works!


Now you’ve had an overview of bathroom accessories, you can continue to create the house of your dreams. The bathroom should be a place of solitude where you can unwind after a long day or simply take pleasure in your self care rituals. 

When you have the perfect bathroom suite to match your needs, you can begin filling the room with a range of items that are both functional and pretty to the eye. 

If you’re tired with the space but your budget doesn’t cover furniture, you can still give your bathroom an upgrade with new accessories. Focus on the details, choose the colours you love, and shop for items that are going to compliment the room overall. Before long, you’ll be settling down in your very own retreat.


What accessories should you have in a bathroom?

There are many bathroom accessories available to buy that will provide the finishing touches to your bathroom. The most practical items include towel rails, robe hooks, soap dispensers, and toilet paper holders. However, bathroom mirrors, bath mats, and toothbrush holders are also recommended.

How do you accessorise a bathroom?

Accessorising a bathroom comes down to personal style and taste. To create the perfect room to enjoy, choose accessories which are practical and beautiful to look at. You should opt for accessories which complement the bathroom’s colour scheme and overall atmosphere.

What are bathroom fixtures and fittings?

In terms of bathrooms, plumbing fixtures refer to the bathroom furniture, including the bath, shower, basin, and toilet. Fixtures and fittings also include items and accessories which can be attached to the bathroom wall or floor, such as hooks.