11 Top Factors When Selecting Hardware Products

When investing in hardware or shopping for the perfect gift, it's important to consider multiple factors that ensure that your purchasing and installation process is smooth and easy. Many of us have predetermined criteria that we have to fill before buying a product, and whether we consciously acknowledge it, those criteria define how and where we spend our money.

But why is this important, and what criteria do people commonly use when selecting hardware products? Well, that's what we discuss today. At Trade Warehouse, we conducted a survey consisting of 206 of our customers to see what mattered to them when they selected their hardware products. We've compiled their results into this guide to give you the top 11 factors to consider when selecting your hardware at Trade Warehouse.

In this article, we discuss the results of our survey, what each of the factors means in hardware selection and why they matter, so you can wise up before shopping for your DUY wish list.

Why is it important to consider these 11 factors when selecting products?

Before we get onto the results, it's important to first address why you should be considering these 11 factors when selecting hardware products.

Firstly, it's important to consider these 11 factors because they can have a huge impact on how we use the product and its success. For example, if you're about to begin a project that has a tight time frame and you need products that accommodate this, it's absolutely essential to pick a product that has a high ease of installation and use rating, because this can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend scratching your head figuring out how to use or install products.

It's also essential because you'll want to get your money's worth when it comes to products. No one likes to waste money on products that are either not fit for purpose, or not compatible with our level of expertise. Considering these factors can help you save money and reduce the amount of time you spend sifting through useless products.

Ease of installation/ use

The first factor we asked our customers to rate in our survey was the ease of installation/ease of use. In a nutshell, this refers to how important a stress-free installation and use process is to our customers. Ease of installation and use is important because it reflects heavily on the functionality of the product. It's also important because no one wants a product that is overly complex to install and use because this can cost you time and a lot more money.

So, what did our customers say? Well, 45.63% of our customers said that ease of installation/use was important in their product selection process. That's 94 out of our total 206 respondents.

Nearly half of respondents stated that products need to be easy to install and use for them to consider buying it. So, whether you're installing a good solid roof or just hanging picture frames, you can be fairly confident that you should be considering this when you're looking for your next product.

Ease of installation/ use can also have a sizable impact on how good of a job you do in your project, because you may be more likely to make an error if the product is unusable.

Overall Value at recommended retail price

We all like to feel like we've got the best for every cent we've spent on hardware, and for good reason. Value for money can have a sizable impact on how confident we feel in our suppliers because no one likes to feel cheated out of money. While prices aren't necessarily everything when it comes to quality, the value of the product is crucial to a good shopping experience, and it's not unreasonable for shoppers to expect good value for money in their hardware.

When you're using a product and it falls apart after touching it or feels far too expensive for the quality in use and installation, you're likely to think about how much of a waste of money it was, so it's no surprise when 63.11% of our respondents stated that overall value was important to them.

A total of 130 out of 206 respondents demonstrating that this is of high importance means that you should be actively looking for reviews and ratings that suggest your product is good value for money.

Reliability & Performance

Your product doesn't stop being put to the test after you install or work with it. It's constantly under the microscope, even after purchase. This is why it's important that you know your product is reliable and can perform well. For example, if you have a fixing that lasts for an exceptionally long time, is rust-resistant and helps keep your door hardware secure, you can have confidence that it'll work correctly for a long time.

In fact, reliability and performance is so important that 69.9% of our respondents listed this as a crucial factor in their hardware product selection process. If you need help understanding the sheer volume of that, that's comprised of 144 out of 206 customers. With such huge numbers, this is definitely something you need to think about when you're next compiling your shopping list.


Naturally, none of us likes to spend more than our means, and while we can view things as an investment to take the edge off, our wallets still start hurting at the thought of a big purchase at the full recommended retail price. It's also all too easy to grab the most expensive but convenient option when running to your nearest store.

Now, sometimes, you get what you pay for in terms of home improvement and hardware, but at Trade Warehouse, we pride ourselves on making sure our products are as affordable as they are effective because we know how important this is to our customers.

Over 61% of our customers stated that cost is a major influence in their selection of products, so we make it our mission to offer quality products at affordable rates.

Consider looking for more products on sale at your favourite retailer, or seeing what your wholesaler recommends for more cost-friendly options. Retailers often provide a member discount offer on selected products. Alternatively, you can use discount codes when online shopping to cut some costs. Viewing a wider range of options can save you some precious coins in the long run.

Product Design

The design of a product can impact how accessible products are on a huge scale. For example, if a product has an overly complex design, this may make it unusable for a whole scope of DIYers. This is a hugely frustrating problem, and it's important for professional traders and manufacturers to ensure that products are as accessible as they are aesthetically pleasing.

We think that product design can either make or break a product, and 38.35% of our customers agree. 79 out of the 206 respondents that took our survey think that product design impacts how they view a product, and we think that you should consider this when you're next looking for hardware products when thinking about house projects.

To do this, think critically about how the product looks, think about whether it would be hard to hold, hard to fit into small places or whether it would cost you valuable time in trying to figure out how to use it. Try and compare the product to the options on the market to see which product you would regard as more accessible.

Environmentally Friendly

Being eco-conscious is more important than ever, and we all need to do our bit for the environment, ensuring that everything we buy for home improvement, and outdoor projects to what we use to hang picture frames is environmentally friendly. Shockingly, only 18.93% of our customers stated that environmentally friendly products were important to them. Don't worry, this is a judgment-free zone.

However, we would strongly urge you to consider doing your research into the most environmentally friendly ways you can conduct your projects for the sake of your carbon footprint. This means doing some thorough investigations of manufacturers all the way to finding different methods of completing projects. The planet thanks you in advance!

Product Reviews

Although a pretty powerful tool when finding the perfect product for your project, it's shocking to report that just over 10% of respondents rated this as important to their selection process. 

That's Now, we know it can be a little tiresome to scroll through hundreds of reviews of a seemingly simple spline, especially when you're in a rush, but, reviews can tell you all about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of products.

At Trade Warehouse, we offer our customers a view of the reviews of all the products we sell, meaning that you can get the full picture from trusted DIYers. So, when you're next in the market for just the right tool for your project, why not check out some reviews to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

Those are some of the main things you should consider when you're at a shop for hardware products. Below, we've compiled a list of some of the added items that everybody ranked that we think you should also consider in your hunt for the perfect product:

Quality of Documentation

22.33% of customers rated the quality of documentation as an important selection factor. That counts for 46 of our 206 respondents.

Compatibility with other products

Ensuring that your products work well with your overall project is pretty crucial to consider, and 23.7% of our customers would agree.


Getting your money back in the event of product failure is pretty important, with over 25% of customers saying that this is a motivating factor in their selection process.


While big names aren't everything, some customers may feel reassured when they see a reliable brand that specialises in cabinet knobs, with over 16% of customers regarding this as an important selection criterion. So when you're next browsing, why not research the brand to see how reliable they really are!

There you have it, your guide to selecting the perfect hardware products for your next project. Overall, our customers rated cost, overall value and reliability and performance as the top criterion in their product selection process. We hope this gives you a good structure for your next shopping trip and enables you to think a little more critically about the products you choose to invest in.

As always, you can count on Trade Warehouse to cater to all your DIY needs. Why not check out our range of products to see if we can revolutionise your project today? If you need a little help in knowing which products are best for your project, why not check out our buying guides? These offer a comprehensive guide to some of our products so you can break the mental deadlock and choose the best product for you.