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Wire Mesh Rolls

Wire Mesh Rolls

Trade Warehouse supply a wide range of high quality galvanised welded wire mesh for a variety of uses.


CHICKEN & Poultry wire mesh/netting suitable for small livestock & pets, with various size HEX holes

VERMIN, Rodent & Snake Mesh ideal for the control of unwanted pests.  It is also suitable building cages for mice & guinea pigs and aviaries for small birds such as finches. Also for protecting the bottom of your aviary or cage from unwanted vermin.

AVIARY & Cage wire available in 3 different type SQUARE holes and 3 different wire gauges to suit all sizes of bird aviaries & cages

BUDGET Garden & general purpose wire mesh used as trellising for flowers & plants and around the garden

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Buy Chicken Mesh Wire and Netting from Trade Warehouse.

With fresh eggs come frustrations. Your urban chickens run amok, leaving long trails of feathers, feed, and messes you don’t care to contemplate. You need to contain them, but your current cage is littered with holes and broken wires. The open walls ensure easy escapes and endless aggravations, and you need to construct something (considerably) more sturdy. Otherwise, you fear your pets will eventually flap their way beyond your lawn and discover the neighbourhood beyond.

Trade Warehouse suggests seeking new chicken mesh - keeping your animals properly secure and contained. Since 2010 we’ve served as the leading supplier of hot-dipped galvanised options, helping our clients create durable pens, aviaries, and more. Allow us to do the same for you, providing a wide variety of materials to choose from:

Wire Mesh Rolls - protect your poultry with this chicken mesh wire. Our rolls boast both light duty and medium duty gauges, proving ideal for cage creations. Take advantage of a diverse collection of widths (including 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, and 1800mm) and rugged woven designs to ensure effortless construction.

Galvanised Fence Wire - to ensure long-lasting results, buy chicken mesh that features high-tensile strength designs and hot-dipped wiring. These options deliver medium duty gauges and will remain sturdy even in the wake of extreme temperatures and weather changes.

Hexagonal Mesh Netting - have a small enclosure? Buy hexagonal chicken netting to keep your birds in their designated areas (and away from your garden). This option offers resilient constructions and versatile designs, boasting widths from 300mm to 1800mm.

Anti-Bird Netting - chicken mesh promises more than superior cage structures. It also promises protection for your yard, with our anti-bird netting allowing you to efficiently shield your vegetables, fruits, and other blooms from constant pecking. Buy this woven nylon gauge, taking advantage of its tight diamond weave and long-lasting strength.

With these chicken mesh wire options, your birds will no longer roam the lawn - and will instead remain precisely where you wish them to be.

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Your days are hectic. You've no time to spare for lengthy delivery schedules and complex postal demands. That is why we're pleased to offer our clients the next-business-day dispatch they deserve and even same-business-day for orders placed before 2pm

After purchasing chicken mesh, rely on our team to expedite your order. All in-stock items (including enclosure wire, anti-bird netting, and more) are eligible for next-day dispatch at our Perth and Sydney warehouses. No longer suffer through tedious waiting periods.

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