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Where to Find Wholesale Chicken Wire Roll Online

If you’re doing outdoor work or keeping poultry on your property, you might be in the market for chicken wire. Chicken wire is an effective way to lightly fence off outdoor areas, which can keep small animals out of relevant areas like gardens or inside areas like chicken coops. This material is made from thin and flexible galvanised steel wire, which makes it particularly easy to use in cordoning off areas of custom shapes or sizes. The small hexagonal gaps in chicken wire also prove difficult for even smaller animals to get through and have enough tensile strength to retain most of its shape even when the fence is bent. Chicken wire doesn't last forever, though, and even the good quality stuff needs occasional replacement. That said, high quality chicken wire will still outlast cheaper alternatives, so it’s worth investing in a good product. Because you'll probably need large quantities to fence off an area of significant size, though, it's always best if you can find wholesale chicken wire. The problem is buying a high quality chicken wire roll at wholesale prices.

Before you start to lose hope, though, you should know that getting well-made chicken wire roll at wholesale prices is possible. In fact, when you order chicken wire online through Trade Warehouse, you’ll be able to purchase more than one roll without putting too much strain on your budget. That’s because Trade Warehouse offers chicken wire and many other DIY supplies at lower prices than other large retailers. Now in our 7th year of business, we ship Australia wide and provide reliable products for all kinds of trade purposes.

What Makes Our Chicken Wire Special?

The chicken wire we sell at Trade Warehouse has all been hot dipped and galvanised after welding to ensure that it has the absolute highest level of corrosion protection. That means a longer lifespan for your chicken wire than other competing products, especially when it’s going to be used outside and exposed to the elements. When your wire lasts longer, you can go longer without having to replace it. The result? You save money in the long run by purchasing a quality product, which makes your coop or vegetable garden more cost effective.

Convenient Online Ordering

Getting your products from Trade Warehouse is easy when you order through our website. Just visit us online by using your laptop, or even check us out on our mobile optimised site on your smartphone. Then order from anywhere in the country and watch as we deliver your goods right to your door or work site. The next time you're in the market for chicken wire or any other material for a home project, make sure to check out Trade Warehouse to see if we can help you find the best way to get it. You won’t regret the time or money that you save by ordering our products.