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Stainless Steel Decking Screws

Buy Wholesale Stainless Steel Deck Screws in Bulk from Trade Warehouse

If you are in the process of planning your next DIY building project, then make sure Trade Warehouse is somewhere on your shopping list. Whether you are building a shed, a deck or a veranda, you will need the best quality screws to get the work done. At Trade Warehouse, we provide quality stainless steel deck screws for prices that no one else in the country can beat.

Trade Warehouse's Bulk Deck Screws: Cheap in Price, Not in Quality

Trade Warehouse offers unbeatable prices on wholesale deck screws. We have deliberately priced our decking screws to be the most affordable in Australia, with prices running as low as $65 for 1,000 screws. Our selection also includes a range of different screw types—varying in grade, design (standard versus wingtip versus countersunk head) and more.

One of the concerns among DIY enthusiasts is that less expensive equipment, tools or building materials—while certainly attractive based on price—are risky propositions due to quality concerns. After all, if Trade Warehouse can offer the lowest prices in Australia on bulk deck screws, that factor must say something about our product quality, right?

Wrong! Though we don't manufacture our deck screws in-house, we do source them all from trusted Australian brands. Our range is made up mostly of trade quality stainless steel deck screws—heavy duty enough for any DIY building project. We also offer our screws on their own or in bundles (with clever tools, square drive bits, deck hands and more)—all to make your building project easier and more convenient.

Start Your Building Project with Confidence at Trade Warehouse

Taking a decking construction project into your own hands, rather than hiring a professional builder to do the work, is a big job. Decks are sizable projects and require a good deal of strength and structural integrity to support your outdoor entertaining needs.

Needless to say, if you are going to shoulder the weight of this kind of project, making sure you have the right materials for the job is a must. At Trade Warehouse, our galvanised and stainless steel deck screws make for the perfect place to start. After all, a deck is only as strong as the screws holding it together. Luckily, you can count on the deck screws from Trade Warehouse to stay strong for years to come.

In addition to bulk deck screws and deck screw bundles, Trade Warehouse also offers decking nails and decking tools for individual purchases. In essence, we stock everything you need to build your deck except for the wood and the building plans!

Not sure which screws are the right fit for your decking project, or which bundle is best for your purposes? If you need help finding the right materials, feel free to contact Trade Warehouse directly. You can reach us today by calling our sales hotline (on 1800 302511) or by filling out our contact form right here.