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Shower Niche

Create the Perfect Bathroom Storage Space with a Shower Niche

When showering, there are few things more consistently frustrating than not having the right soaps or shampoos handy. Whether space is at a premium or you simply have a lot of bath products to store, a cramped shower makes for a frustrating experience. Why not consider adding some storage? That might sound like a good idea, but where will you find the room? The answer is easy: inside the wall.

By using a recessed shower niche, you create a convenient and easily reachable space. You won't need to struggle to find storage space for everything anymore. Created by industry leader Radiant and available through Trade Warehouse, a "Thermoboard" shower niche is easy to install during your DIY bathroom remodelling project.

Purchasing your shower storage through our website has advantages beyond mere convenience. You'll also save a tonne compared to buying your shower niche in a brick and mortar store. We're able to bring these excellent products to our customers at nearly a third of the price you would find elsewhere. Not only does a Radiant Thermoboard niche add functionality to your bathroom, but it comes at a very affordable price.

At Trade Warehouse, we understand that sometimes your projects are on a tight deadline. When you order from us, we immediately go into action to turn your order around and get it out the door as soon as possible. This quality and reliability are why we are a trusted source for these and many other products. Soon, you can easily keep your soap closer at hand.