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Self Drilling Screws

Source All Your Job's Self Drilling Screws Easily from Trade Warehouse

In building and construction, having the right tools for the job is essential. It's not just about the tools, though — it's about the basic materials you use with those tools. Self-drilling screws are an incredibly effective way to fasten materials without the need for pre-drilling holes. Trade Warehouse provides a comprehensive online source for self-drilling screws rated at trade quality. All these items come straight from Australian brands so that you can trust in their domestic origin.

No matter how many kinds or types of self-drilling screws your building job requires, Trade Warehouse has all you need. Materials include galvanised steel and zinc, and we have many different styles as well. Need to fasten wood to other wooden construction? Choose the wafer head screw for a good fit. Pancake head screws are ideal when you wish to hide the screw, so it is flush with the material you're fastening.

Order in bulk and save when buying large quantities. All orders in this product category over $150 usually qualify for free shipping. With a highly respectable turnaround time on orders, we can also ship directly to your job site. Once your screws arrive, you can continue with the work as planned. Why spend hours sorting through drawers in a hardware store looking for the right size? At Trade Warehouse, we can help you find the products you need. Need answers to some questions? Click on over to our contact page for more info on how to get in touch with our team.