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Chemical Anchors

Chemical Anchors

Chemcap stud bolts are for use in conjunction with chemical capsules (sold separately):

Chemcaps, chemical anchors and studs provide a complete, polyester based anchoring system for special application to concrete, solid brick and masonry materials where the use of conventional mechanical anchors is unsatisfactory.

The Chemcap system is ideally suited to applications where high dynamic loads apply or for installations close to the edge of concrete or other solid masonry materials. Once cured, the adhesive resin provides a stress free bond with the stud and surrounding material.

During installation the capsule, quartz aggregate and resin are pulverized and mixed together and are distributed along the embedded portion of the stud.

After curing is complete the synthetic mortar retains the stud and re-inforces the surrounding material.

Chemcap Stud Bolts:

  • Zinc plated steel
  • Galvanised
  • 316 Stainless Steel.

Chemcap Stud Bolts - For Hollow Brick Sleeves:

  • Galvanised 5.8 Grade Steel

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