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MasonBolt Zinc Hex Head AnchorBolt 10mm x 40mm - Box of 50

Item Code: 04B10040
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Macsim Anchor Bolts are also known as Mason Bolts, Masonary Anchors and Dynabolts.

Hex Head
Suitable for use in
  • Concrete for light and medium duty applications
  • Solid brick for medium duty applications
  • Natural stone (solid) for heavy duty applications
Provided in yellow zinc plating for indoor use

The Masonbolt is a high quality sleeve anchor designed to give optimal performance in concrete, masonry and other solid base materials.

The design gives medium-high tensile and shear performance, with simple through-fix installation and instantaneous load capability.

The anchor is ideal for attaching steel components to concrete such as wall ties, support brackets, fence supports etc.

More Information
Item Code 04B10040
Manufacturer Macsim
Anchor Head Type Hex Head
Anchor Drive Type Hex Socket
Anchor Material Yellow Zinc
Anchor Drill Size 10mm
Anchor Length 40
Anchor Fasten Amount 5mm
Anchor Depth 35
Box Quantity 50
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