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Welding Gear

Welding Gear

PyroMate® Welding Gear from ProChoice utilises Pyrovatex® flame retardent cotton developed by Ciba Geigy

Pyrovatex® is one of the worlds leading flame retardent finishes on 100% cotton fabrics and is considered superior to other flame inhibitors.  Utilising lightweight, cool cotton instead of heavy, hot alternatives makes PyroMate® Welding Gear perfect for Australian conditions.  Guaranteed flame retardency for the life of the garment.  Pyrovatex® fabric will not ignite, melt, drip or expose the skin of the wearer.  PyroMate® Welding Gear protects welders from radiation, heat, impact from flying sparks, meta spatter, slag chips produced during welding, brazing, soldering and cutting.

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