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UHU Por Polystyrene Safe Modelling Glue 40g Tube

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UHU POR - Styrofoam®, hard foam - medium viscosity, 40g Tube

UHU por is for industrial use and for commercial use of the contact adhesive for quick and non-aging bonding of polystyrene foam (eg Styropor®) and other materials. The fast attracting adhesive is particularly suitable for area bonding but also for bonding small parts from suitable materials. Both the good instant adhesion and the long bonding range provide favorable conditions for the bonding of difficult materials. The final product has a flexible adhesive film, almost transparent does not affect the optical properties of the parts to be bonded and in the composition of the surface does not corrode.

UHU por is specifically designed for bonding polystyrene foam (eg Styropor®). Here UHU por provides excellent bonding of parts made of hard foam with each other but also with other Materilaien. Specially designed for plastics does not attack the adhesive to the surfaces and forms a flexible and age-resistant adhesive film. The almost transparent properties after curing also allow bonding in visible locations without visual impairments. Alongside the bonding of polystyrene foam (eg Styropor®) together can be rigid foam materials with UHU por with wood, wood-based materials, metals, bonding many plastics, textiles, paper and board. Also photographic papers or plastic-coated color papers can be glued to the special glue. After drying produces a neutral, acid-free, alkali-free and transparent adhesive film which convinces with its waterproof and non-aging properties. The secure and firm bonding difficult materials such as polystyrene foam (eg Styropor®) among themselves and with other materials distinguishes the specific orientation of the adhesive.

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Item Code UHUPOR
Manufacturer Depron Australia
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