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In-Screed Floor Heating

Add the Warmth of Luxury to Your Bathroom Floor with an In-screed Under Tile Heating Kit

Picture this typical winter scenario: you wake in the middle of the night and need to make your way to the bathroom. As you step inside, you're shocked by how cold the tiles are! It can lead to an uncomfortable experience that leaves you shivering. Likewise, stepping out of the shower or bath onto cold tiles is never very fun either. Why not make it so that you never have to deal with those issues again? For those creating new bathrooms or remodelling an old one, adding under tile heating is an option you should strongly consider.

Bathroom floor heating is an excellent way to add some additional class to the room. The warmth is an enjoyable luxury all year round. However, you'll appreciate it the most in the colder months. Knowing you'll always have a warm floor to step onto makes the space that much cosier and inviting. At Trade Warehouse, we make it easy to add this innovative heating option to your home. With a reliable in-screed floor heating kits, creating the luxurious getaway of your dreams is one step closer. Once you make the decision to add this feature, you'll need the right kit. Trade Warehouse has everything you need to begin the installation process.

An under tile heating kit includes all of your installation needs

Created by Radiant Heating, both the under tile and in-screed heating kit options provide a convenient way to adjust the temperature of your bathroom. Covering more than twenty square metres, a single thermostat is ideal for most bathrooms. However, systems can be combined to cover a larger area if necessary. For example, floor heating can be installed in living areas such as the kitchen, dining, living or bedrooms. If it is a tiled area, we have a solution for you.

For those who love DIY projects, you can install in-screed bathroom heating yourself. The same goes for an under tile kit. Simply have all the final connections made by an electrician to ensure safety and compliance with the law. Afterwards, you can control the temperature via your thermostat. Because of the custom nature of such an installation, there are many product options. Trade Warehouse makes it easy to browse through each type of kit to select the one ideal for your bathroom.

Say goodbye to cold feet with products from Trade Warehouse

Does the idea of a pleasantly warm bathroom floor sound like just the thing you want? When you want a cosier space, getting there is easier with the best products. Choose the right under tile heating kit by Radiant for your project when you shop with Trade Warehouse. Don't forget to consider the potential time savings offered by the in-screed heating kits. Finding the right size to match your bathroom should be simple with our varied selection.

Do you have some questions about the heating capabilities of the system? We'd be happy to help and provide you with the answers. Please call us on 1800 302511 for all sales enquiries. Trade Warehouse gladly ships to destinations across Australia.