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Under-Tile for Bathrooms

Under-Tile for Bathrooms

Under-Tile Mats are designed to go directly under the tile covered only by tile adhesive - no screed required.
They will heat the tiles quickly & efficiently - just what is required so your bathroom is warm when you get up in the morning.
The KITS below are available with the option for the WHITE standard kits to come in GLASS or where there is already a GLASS silver/black option for these to come in HORIZONTAL - please place your order and then contact us to change kit option to horizontal/glass if required
  • Bathrooms - 200W per sqm
  • Living Areas - 150W per sqm 
Each thermostat can cover up to 23sqm - BATHROOMS KITS come in sizes up to 6mselect the kit size to cover your 'free floor' area only i.e. do not include area under sink, toilet, vanity etc. and 50mm away from walls
Cables are approx 3.5mm thick - there is a 0.5 tolerance either way during manufacture
200W & 150W cables are the same thickness
PLEASE NOTE: the largest cable mat size is 12sqm - Subject to availability of cable mats - KITS can be made up of multiple mats to achieve the sqm required This does not affect installation or performance - there will just be multiple connections to the thermostat
NOTE This product can be DIY installed but must be commissioned (connected) by a licensed electrical contractor & connected to a Thermostat & an RCD to comply with current AS/NZS 3000 wiring regulations.

If you have a wooden sub-floor you will need to lay THERMABOARD tile backer board prior to installation of the cable mats - please visit our floor insulation section

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