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Mirror Demister Pad

Never Struggle to Shave Again with Heated Mirror Demister Pads

At some point in everyone's morning routine in the bathroom, we end up in front of the mirror. Whether it's to shave, apply make-up, or some other task requiring the mirror, we spend a lot of time there over the whole year. As a result, there's nothing more frustrating than a mirror that continually fogs over when you need it most. Swiping away the mist often just results in smearing before it quickly reappears. When you only have a few minutes of wiggle room in your morning routine, this quickly becomes a very annoying delay. Why not add a mirror demister to your bathroom?

It's true — with a demister, you can enjoy a clear view of yourself in the mirror even right out of the shower. Trade Warehouse offers a convenient array of sizes, simplifying the process of finding a demister pad that will fit your bathroom mirror. Though you will need the assistance of a licensed electrician to hook up the demister, the pad itself can be entirely installed on your own. For a convenient and quick bathroom upgrade, it's an excellent choice. Before you commit to purchasing one, though, you might be curious about how it works.

How does a mirror demister pad function?

You might be surprised to learn that the technology behind this device is quite simple. A mirror demister pad is simply a thin, electronically powered pad that contains heating elements. This pad goes behind your mirror, designed to fit perfectly into its shape. When activated, the pad becomes heated, which prevents condensation from forming. Even as your bathroom fills up with mist from your morning shower, your mirror will remain fog-free as a result of the heated demister pad.

Created by Radiant Heating, these mirror pads are an easy DIY solution for a problem that we all encounter at one point or another. Choose the right size pads from our site and place your order today. Just remember to have a professional electrical contractor finalise the installation for you. There's no need to worry about a significant drain on your power bill, either. Demister pads have a low power draw. According to Radiant, you can expect to spend only a few cents each week running the demister. For such a negligible long term cost, the benefits are worth the expense!

Transform your bathroom with Trade Warehouse

There are always new and exciting ways even simple technologies can change our lives. If you've decided that it's time to order heated mirror pads to add more convenience to your home, Trade Warehouse has the right products in stock. With free shipping on most orders over $150 (very bulky items excluded) and a quick dispatch time around Australia, we hope to be your first choice for DIY supplies. In addition to our mirror demister selection, be sure to check out all our other bathroom upgrade products. When you decide it's time to change your bathroom for the better, choose Trade Warehouse for all you need.