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Sprayers & Hand Pumps

Sprayers & Hand Pumps

The CAPITAL range of premium presure sprayers are competively priced for general purpose use - perfect for all household & garden requirements:

  • Durable & superior premium quality
  • Dependable & high performance service life
  • Minimum effort & easy to clean
  • Designed to be suitable to use for various house-hold & garden jobs
  • Competitively priced

Poly Pressure BOTTLE Sprayers:

Ideal for use for various garden jobs, such as spraying herbicides, insecticides and fertilisers.  Comes with adjustable brass spray nozzle and an easy pump action

Poly Pressure TANK Sprayers:

Suitable for use on various garden jobs, such as weed controlling lawns & garden, or applying pesticides & fungicides.  Comes with adjustable brass spray nozzle and wand extension lance & pressure release valve with on/off control valve.  The translucent tank makes accurate mixing easy.

Poly Pressure BACK-PACK Sprayers:

Perfect for multi-purpose uses like lawn & garden care, pest control, car care, general cleaning and sanitisation.  All poly construction - no corrosion, fully sealed and leak-proof.  Back-pack style with adjustable straps for ease of use. Pressue air chamber and side-arm pump action

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