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Flywire Mesh

Choosing the Right Type of Flywire Mesh

When it comes to the great outdoors, there's a lot to love and plenty to enjoy. Insects are not one of those things to enjoy. When you want to create an outdoor space where you can benefit from the breeze without dealing with pests, screening in the area with flywire mesh is the ideal solution. This material is also excellent for creating enclosures for pets, window coverings, and for screening security doors as well. At Trade Warehouse, purchasing the flywire mesh appropriate for your needs is easy — all you have to do is browse through our product listings.

What kind of flywire mesh do you need, though? It depends on a few things. These include your intended use as well as where you live. If you reside in an area susceptible to damaging wildfires, it is a requirement that you use a mesh rated as fire resistant. Trade Warehouse can supply you with mesh rated all the way up to BAL FZ, also known as a level of "extreme" fire risk. This highly fire-resistant metal mesh will help to protect your home in the event of a nearby bushfire. Options for those outside of these areas also include fibreglass.

No matter what you intend to create with the mesh, Trade Warehouse is an excellent source. We have many widths available so you can purchase to suit your project. We'll be sure to get your items on the road as soon as possible, too. Please call our sales team on 1800 302511 to discuss further details about our mesh products.