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What are the wiring options on Radiant Heated Towel Ladders?

515 views  June 15, 2021

The Radiant Australia range of heated towel ladders all have the same wiring options available.

Firstly, all of the heated ladder range come with a 1.2m cable and moulded plug so they can be plugged into a standard GPO/Powerpoint.  Included with every towel rail is a hard wire concealing tube which when installed adds a fifth "leg" to the towel rails through which the wire will go if you are hard wiring your towel rail back to a switch/timer switch.

Therefore when ordering your heated towel rail you do not need to specify if it is to be plug-in or hard-wired. The only choice which you have to make regarding wiring is whether you want the cable to come out of the towel rail at the bottom left or bottom right.

Please be aware that often it is better for the cable to come out from the top of the rails.  This is no problem because all of the Radiant Heated Towel Rails can be installed upside down. When you do this a bottom left rail becomes a top right rail, and a bottom right rail becomes a top left rail, so make sure you order the right side rail depending on whether you want the power to come out of the top or bottom.

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