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Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Trade Warehouse have partnered with one of the worlds largest cable tie producers and with Cable Ties Australia, we currently sell millions of cable ties in Australia every year.

We hold large stocks of a wide variety of high quality premium 6/6 grade nylon and 316 marine grade and 304 stainless steel cable ties, zip ties, cable tie mounts and cable clips.

We are happy to accept forward orders for guaranteed supply of large orders.

If you are looking for large quantities, please select the BULK-PRICES section to receive the best price on bulk cartons - we supply to many diverse industries from electricians, agriculture and vineyards to pearl farming & our promise is that we will not be beaten on price!

Click links below to see our Cable Tie Specifications:

NYLON Cable Tie Specification

STAINLESS STEEL Cable Tie Specification

Cable Ties

Sourcing the Appropriate Cable Ties for Your Work

Easy to overlook, few things are quite as versatile for the tradesman as cableties. For quickly tying objects together, they're tough to beat. At Trade Warehouse, we make sourcing all the ties you require an easy task.

Common Mistakes People Make with Cable Ties

Though they're a basic item, it's still possible to make errors when acquiring them in bulk. Avoid mistakes such as:

  • Failing to account for environmental impacts on tie longevity and reliability, especially in outdoor environments. Heat, moisture, and especially sunlight can all affect these multi-purpose straps. Navigate around these concerns with products that use UV-stable materials, such as black nylon cable ties.
  • Choosing the wrong type of ties for the job at hand. From coloured nylon to stainless steel, each option has its strengths. Consider the specifics of your project carefully first.

With Trade Warehouse, finding sturdy ties suitable for the job is easy.

The Benefits of Buying Your Cable Ties from Trade Warehouse

How do we make it so simple? The answer is twofold:

  • We trade in millions of ties annually and as a leading producer are able to more than adequately meet the needs of clients with demands both large and small.
  • Dedication to value and superior quality of service. We strive to be leaders on price without compromising on quality. Understanding the importance of this humble tool, we deliver a level of reliability that inspires confidence in our partners.

Why Choose Trade Warehouse?

With almost a decade of experience and a track record of satisfied clients, Trade Warehouse occupies a unique position for aiding your efforts. Shipping Australia-wide and supplying far more than cable ties, we can be your one-stop location for a considerable variety of job-critical tools. Explore our full catalogue, or contact us online now.