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Floor Heating Cable Mat 5 sqm - 750W - 150W per SQM

Item Code: CM750
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Under-tile floor heating cable mat 200W per sqm select the mat size suitable for your free floor area - SEE TABLE BELOW

Under-Tile Mats are designed to go directly under the tile covered only by tile adhesive - no screed required.
Will heat your floor quickly & more importantly economically - more efficient than a bathroom ceiling lamp and more comfortable heat
  • The cable is approx 3.5mm - ultra thin mat designed to be installed directly below tiles.
  • Comes with a self-adhesive backing for simple installation.
  • Supplied with detailed installation instructions & a 10-Year Warranty

NOTE This product can be DIY installed but must be commissioned (connected) by a licensed electrical contractor & connected to a Thermostat & an RCD to comply with current AS/NZS 3000 wiring regulations.

  • Must be connected to compatible thermostat.
    • We recommend RADIANT TS8100-TH AIR sensing or FLOOR/AIR sensing Thermostat
  • 10 year warranty on cable subject to warranty installation
  • Cable cannot be cut, but the matting can be, to allow you to turn a corner or reverse direction
Each thermostat can cover up to 28sqm for LIVING & BATHROOM AREAS - mats come in sizes 1m2 to 12m2
Select the mat size to cover your 'free floor' area only i.e. do not include area toilets, sink vanities etc. and 100mm from the edge of walls in bathrooms and 200mm from edge of walls in living areas and not under cabinets etc.
If you have a wooden sub-floor you will need to lay tile backer board prior to installation of the cable mats - please visit our floor insulation section
Kit Size - m2   Typical Floor Coverage - 'free floor' area only   Mat length - linear m x 500mm
1   1.2 - 1.7m2   2m
1.5   1.7 - 2.1m2   3m
2   2.2 - 2.6m2   4m
2.5   2.7 - 3.2m2   5m
3   3.3 - 4.2m2   6m
4   4.3 - 5.2m2   8m
5   5.3 - 6.3m2   10m
6   6.4 - 7.5m2   12m
7   8 - 8.9m2    14m
8   9 - 9.9m2   16m 
9   10 - 11m2    18m 
10   11 - 12m2   20m 
11   12 - 13m2   22m 
12   13 - 14m2    24m 
13   14 - 16m2    26m 
14   16 - 17m2    28m 
15   17 - 18m2    30m 
16   18 - 19m2   32m 
17   19 - 20m2    34m 
18   20 - 21m2    36m 
19   21 - 23m2    38m 
20   22 - 24m2    40m 
21   23 - 26m2    42m 
22   25 - 27m2    44m 
23   26 - 28m2    46m 
More Information
Item Code CM750
Manufacturer Radiant Heating
Type Under-Tile
Format Cable Mat Only
Watts Per Sqm 150 W/sqm (for Living Areas)
Size 5sqm
Coverage 5.3 to 5.7sqm
Mat Width 500mm
Mat Length 10m
Mats in Kit 1
Electrical Requirements 750W / 3.3A
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    If you have a hobless (brick surround) shower which is at the same level as the rest of your floor (a small 1-3cm lip is fine) and the shower is not a pre-fabricated plastic/fibreglass base, then yes, theoretically you can install floor heating into your ...
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  • What size under floor heating kit do I need for my room?

    When selecting an under floor heating kit for your room there are a number of considerations: For Bathrooms... Measure the overall dimensions of the room and calculate the square meterage.  From this deduct the square meterage of the following things ...
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